Prasanth V Freshman

Prasanth V

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Heather T. Roehl Senior

Heather T. Roehl

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Oplaniz Ukrane eBiz Senior

Oplaniz Ukrane eBiz

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Cooper Justin Ebiz Senior

Cooper Justin Ebiz

Communication, Passion, Learning

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Steeve Calvin eBiz Sophomore

Steeve Calvin eBiz

Communication, Passion, Learning New Technologies, Interpersonal Skills

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Jordan Williams Senior

Jordan Williams

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Daryl Mckines Junior

Daryl Mckines

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Diana Zensouz Sophomore

Diana Zensouz

Communication skills, work dedication

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Jessie Mithe Ebiz Senior

Jessie Mithe Ebiz

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Demetrice RD Senior

Demetrice RD

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